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1) Is there any extra cost in addition to course prises you have advertised.

Absolutely Not. All our prices come with no extra or hidden cost. 100 % Guaranteed.


2) What support do you provide in terms of portfolio completion ?

Full support from start to finish till you achieve your qualification. This is Guaranteed.


3) Will I sit in an Exam ?

No :). Our training route is based on short assignments and Portfolio only. You can complete your work in your own time with no pressure.


4) How long does it take to get certified ? 

We are proud to be the fastest in the industry in terms of certifying learners. Once you have completed your portfolio we can Post your certificate within 2 - 3 weeks.  :)


5) Can I pay in Instalments ?

Yes ! Please call us to discuss further. Installments option may not be applicable to special offers.


6) How do I pay for my course?

You can Pay £100 to reserve a place which is fully refundable if you change your mind. You can also pay via phone or on the day of arrival when you start your course.


7) Can I start working straight away once I am qualified?

In order to work as Domestic / Commercial Energy Assessor or Green Deal Advisor you will need to become accredited with a recognised accreditation scheme once you are qualified. Membership of many of these schemes is usually free and you will be given their details during your training. Once you are accredited (which can happen on the same day as you apply) you are able to produce and sign off EPC's and Green Deal Reports.


8) What happens once I have finished the course?

Once you've finished either the Domestic or Commercial Course you will have passed the examination stage of your training which means you are almost fully qualified. However, in addition to the exam you will have to complete a portfolio of work. Although you may complete the majority of this during your training, it may be necessary for you to submit the final parts of this after the course. You can be assured however that, once your completed portfolio is received by our trainers, it is usually marked within the same day and any feedback is provided. Due to our trainers having self claims status, they can sign off portfolio work without an external audit taking place and thereby speeding up the process by weeks. Once it has been signed off, our trainers will send off for your qualification certificate. There have been cases where assessors have been fully qualified in as little as 3 weeks.


9) Do I need any previous experience or qualifications to undertake a DEA , NDEA or Green Deal Advisor courses?

No previous experience is necessary for any of our courses however we would recommend that you have at least a basic ability to input data into a computer. Beyond this a basic knowledge of construction related topics is an advantage but not essential as all background information will be provided and elaborated on during the course.


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